Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Was Great!

I love Halloween! First of all, it's fall, the air is crisp, the colors are changing and all of the sudden there are excuses to get cozy with the ones you love. I am Christian and love God with ALL my heart! And to say I love Halloween, let's just say, I can get some looks. Supposedly this holiday is "the devil's holiday." But it's what you make of it for your family. We choose to praise God by living our life for Him and have fun WITHOUT stepping on or going over the "line". We had so much fun this year! Bella dressed up as Lola from Hannah Montana and Aspyn was Dora. 

I have been shooting a lot of fall sessions but, unfortunately, I can't put them up on my blog because Christmas is right around the corner and my clients don't want their presents spoiled. But don't worry! As soon as Christmas is over, you will get an eye full of fall shoots.


Not the greatest photo but look how cute this little Dora is! I made her wig with a black ski hat, black yarn, scotch tape, velcro and a sewing machine. Her backpack was made from a dollar store backpack that had felt all over it; I seam ripped the felt and cut out new felt for the backpacks face. Then I got tan paper and rolled it around a toilet paper roll and drew the map. She loved her outfit! And here I thought her outfit would be way easier than Bella's!
Here is a photo of the first prize winner for 'Most Creative Costume' at our church. She won $100 for being a tissue box! Man, sign me up! She rocked it!

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