Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Precious Girls And Our Last Minute Christmas Gift

After a full two days of shopping for Christmas presents, I realized that there was 45 minutes left to order a photo from my printing company for it to arrive in WA on time for Christmas. Oh, did I mention I noticed this when we were 30 minutes away from home and I STILL hadn't taken a photo of my children yet! We got home, RAN into the house, threw off my children's nasty ketchup induced clothing and pulled out some beautiful dresses. The dresses were pulled out all right, pulled out of the dirty clothes and smelled like wet towel. It was gross, but hey, after a few seconds in photoshop to get rid of some ketchup on the faces, and after a little bit of frantic yelling at my tired stinky children, we got a pretty cute photo. We ordered six STANDOUTS total and the family LOVED them! Thanks for looking.

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  1. Beautiful girls! and beautiful photography! Nice job Loriana :)


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