Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Birth Of Alyiah

I am so excited to be FINALLY posting this birth, and what a birth it was!  Melanie (the momma) texted me in the morning telling me her water had broken and she was contracting strongly. I told her to give me a call when she got to the hospital and found out how many centimeters dilated she was.  There was about six of us that were in the room ready for this precious bundle to show her perfect face. Since Mel's water had broken that morning, they didn't want to check her dilation do to easy infection. So, we were going off her contractions for timing and her contractions had been on top of each other all day. After a ton of agonizing pain, Mel decided it was time for the epidermal. Everyone had to leave the room. Mel said come back in thirty minutes. As the grandmas were watching the clock, they told us it was time to go in and to our surprise we walked in the room and there was beautiful Alyiah! Mike and Mel began to tell us the story. When the anesthesiologist turned Mel on her side Mel realized that the baby was coming! She gave two small pushes (as the nurses ran to find a doctor) and in the nick of time she was born! There was no time to tell us that the baby was coming but how romantic for it to be just husband and wife. It was a perfect day!
Alyiah was born on the 21st of March and was the third baby girl addition to the Reid family.
Waiting =) We all had bets going to see when she would arrive. We were ALL wrong =)

 Mike showing us all what we missed ;)

I think this is my fav!
 Or maybe this one is my fav. Ah, I love them all! =D

I don't think I have ever posted this many photos of a session before. I am in LOVE with shooting births, and can NOT wait for more! Thanks so much Mike and Mel for allowing me to be a part of such a special day!

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