Monday, May 23, 2011

No Longer My Youth Girl, But a women, And A Friend

My husband runs an after school program called "Campus Life", we come in the schools feed the kids food, spend quality time with them and give them a short life message. In this, our main goal is to reach young people one at a time to Christ, we build quality lasting relationships, and this is what me and Torri have done, built a relationship! I hate how fast all of my Campus Lifers are growing up, I really feel like they are my children! Torri and I's relationship goes a little like this: we tell each other how it is, we are not afraid of one another, we laugh at each other, and lastly, through everything we have never given up on one another even through our differences. I am so proud of her for pushing through, graduating, and doing it well! And the best part is she has a relationship with Christ! Torri I pray you keep that relationship for the rest of your life, He is the only one that will NEVER leave you nor forsake you! 

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