Friday, December 9, 2011

A Arizona photographer?

Meet Rachel, she is one of my best friends, and she's PREGNANT! She has about two weeks left to be exact. When I found out that her and Brad (the awesome husband) were going to have a child there were a lot of "Shut the front door's" being thrown around. Lets just say I was MORE then excited! I made the journey to AZ to attend her baby shower, the best one I'v ever been to! Maybe I'll post on the shower in a later date. But while I was there we did her maternity photos, I couldn't be more pleased with them, I also love the location we used, and so did ten other photographers at that time. Kinda funny, I have never had to stand in line behind other photographers until this day. I guess I am very blessed to live in such a lush place with so many locations to choose and dream up.

Rachel and I have been close friends sense 7th grade and I have always known her to LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream, so we HAD to get this shot! I hope you see more photos from AZ because it is my home away from home, I'm so happy when I go there, and I CAN'T wait to meet baby "H"!

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  1. LOVE the last one! Rach, you're the cutest mom-to-be I've ever seen! :)


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