Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reception Celebration

Robin and Frankie got married on their eight year anniversary, and a couple days later had a reception to celebrate their happiness with there loved ones. It was a fun happy time I am so happy I got to be there. Robin and I have known each other sense diapers, In fact I remember several embarrassing moments on both our behalf's. But my most precious memories are when we would play Barbies in the Christmas presents under the tree, and when she brought over her son for the first time after he was born. Some things in life you just can't forget! 

 Seeing her so happy makes my heart melt, Robins dad passed on to be with the Lord a couple months prior to her wedding, she wore the bracelets on her wrist in remembrance of him. I'm sure he's a happy poppa looking down on his beautiful girls and grandson.

 Proud Auntie and Mom


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