Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cliff and Mimi P. Hohl

Cliff & Mimi are two of the most amazing people I know and they just got married! Cliff is my oldest brother and Mimi- let's just say I'm proud to call her 'sister'! These two love birds wed on August 27, 2010. Their wedding was held at the Sundberg Farm in Port Orchard, Washington. This place is an ideal location for weddings. It has a million places to take photos! The house is amazing, the landscaping is impeccable, and, did I mention the owner is the florist of The Silk Bouquet? My husband, Phil Daubenspeck, officiated the wedding, I was the photographer and our girls were the flower girls. The night before the wedding our family had just returned home from a month long trip to Europe. Needless to say, a three o'clock in the afternoon wedding was a three A.M. wedding for us. We were pooped, but nothing stops the Daubenspecks so we pulled ourselves together and made it happen. The wedding went off without a hitch. Well, sort of. The flower girls (my girls) had no clue where to walk and Aspyn ended up asking me for her blankie so she could cuddle in the grass during the ceremony (and no she didn't). All in all it was adorable. The wedding went great and I'm so thrilled that the happy couple let our whole family play such a huge part in the start of the rest of their lives! Congratulations Cliff and Mimi P. Hohl, and, yes, I said "P. Hohl". And so did my husband when he announced them husband and wife. It was awesome! I love you guys!!!

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  1. The pictures came out amazing! I am so glad you reminded me that the camera can tell if you are stressed or not...and the fun began! If any of you ladies are getting married and decide to use this talented young woman than all I can say is have fun and remember you don't plan on wearing that dress again, so get those amazing pictures. Thank You Sis, I would have never dreamed of the pictures coming out like this...hehe I feel like a model in the pics! Love You!- Mimi


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