Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

If you can tell this is the same girl from my infamous shopping cart photo!
Loriana Marie Photography: Taylor Is A Beautiful Subject
Here she is again beautiful as always but with her brother! Her brother (Joey) has been working as a civilian for the past couple years in Afghanistan! Joey is one of the men that work on the big tankers, If something happens to them, bomb's and all, he restores them back to they're fighting glory! He may not be "Active Duty" but to me, and I'm sure his family, think a little bit otherwise! Anyways, for a short break Joey came home to visit his friends, family, and I think mostly his girlfriend ;) who just left to serve our country. So while he was here they thought they would surprise their mother with some photo's of them. I know that their mom will be very happy!

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