Monday, May 9, 2011


This weeks theme for a photo contest over at "I Heart Faces" is motherhood. When I herd about this theme I immediately thought of this photo! My sister came into my life when I was five, my mother re married to a man who had three Philippino children, my mom had two Japanese children and then me, the white girl. All growing up my mother got silly questions in grocery lines ETC, like: oh, how great of you to adopt, Oh are they yours, your daughter sure has a lot of friends. My parents taught us that we were not stepchildren, step or half brother and sisters, but that we WERE brothers and sister, end of story! This photo is on my sisters wedding day, she had just danced the daddy daughter dance and came over to give our mom a hug. This photo captures so much emotion coming from the two of them, lol if only there was a photo of me too! Happy mothers day mom! And I love and cherish you sis!


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