Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back To School Mini Session

Yes, whenever I hear the words "back to school" I instantly start singing the song from "Billy Madison's, Back To School". I know, I know, it's probably A generation thing. But at the same time it gets me all excited! My kids are going to school this year sorta for the first time, Aspyn will be in preschool and Bella will be in first grade! They and I are so exceed, but there is something inside this momma that is a little sad. I have been staying home with my kids their entire lives, and finally they are "growing up." I know, I know... Growing up is hard to do, (I think I just referenced another song ;)

These are moment we can never get back, our kids don't enter Pre-School and first grade every year, but once in a lifetime.

So I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to have a back to school mini session, and I couldn't be more excited about it! There will be tons of fun "old school" props, and encourage parents to dress their children a little "old school" as well, but don't worry I will be providing some great stuff just in case.

Details you ask? Saturday the Third ALL day, at Howe Park in Port Orchard Wa. Please E-mail me with availability time slots, for slots will be filling fast!


Think about supplementing those nasty grey and blue school photo backdrops for something a little more fun, and beautiful, in a natural setting. 

No one will ever believe this, but photographing your own children, is the hardest!


What you don't see, is when i gave her the apple she took a big bite out of it, she is so funny! 

My fashionista, I'm sure as long as she is in private school she will be dressing up her uniform, we are so alike!

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