Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Large Loving Family

This family means THE WORLD to me, growing up in my life we didn't go to church or anything, so the closest thing I knew of God was my "God mother" and my "Grandma".  When I gave my life to Christ This name "God mother" really became real to me, I started stoping by her flower shop asking for advise and seeking out a Godly adult. I can also proudly say that her daughter Angela is one of my dearest friends!

And this is her my "God Mother," aka Aunt Debbie, and her horse of course .

Isn't she beautiful! My "God-ly Sister" Angela 
And her family! 

So, this is Solomon AKA Solo, he is SO cute! When I arrived he was wearing the cutest overalls with no shirt underneath, I secretly wanted him to stay in them. 
 Obviously he's adored!
The grandkids, on Papa's perfectly manicured landscaping, their house is to die for!

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