Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Is she not the most beautiful senior?!

She got out of her car to meet me downtown Port Orchard, and all I could say was "HOLY COW, YOU LOOK AMAZING!"I have known Brandie a long time, I could tell you countless stories, about how great she is, or maybe even some embarrassing ones that I'm sure she would like for me to keep inside our two person circle. Or I could say,"granny handshake" and she would die of laughter. But sometimes those things are best kept between friends. This young lady has gone through a lot for how young she is, nothing I would ever wish on anyone. But through everything she has managed to smile, pick herself up, and tell the world there is greater things for her life. And she's telling them by her graduating high school! I'm so very proud of you Brandie, you WILL do great things in this life!

 I adore her laughs! 


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