Sunday, February 5, 2012

Joe & Mailani

Wow! where do I start! Mailani has been in my life for a LONG time, she was my youth girl, and now an amazing lady! She has always been an example to the girls that surrounded her; she put God first, boy's second, and listened to the wise.

Joe has also been in our church for a long time, in fact Mai's best friend is his sister Taylor. Funny fact Joe was Mai's first boyfriend in elementary school. I guess they decided that they would wait 20 years later and make it really count. And boy did they!

~ Joe and Mailani were together for exactly one year before they were legally married~
~90% of their relationship, was long distant while Joe was in Afghanistan ~
~They bought A house before they were married, but didn't live in it together until they were one~
~ Their first kiss was on they're wedding day~
~And God still comes first~
I saved the best for "first"

 Can't have a day without sports, and words with friends!

Joey and Mailani opted for a "first look" with all of there friends standing by, 
it was perfection!

She loves her brother and sister!

The kiss they have waited for!
Please check out this video...

"Who could love you enough not to kiss you?"

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