Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A surprise for grandma

Wow, I heart this family big time! Andrew was my first little kid boyfriend, I remember trick or treating with him in elementary school, he was a clown and I was....oh, that doesn't matter. Of course that relationship lasted forever because we were like 8, and relationships when your 8 are really real! Anyway, through that his big sister was my big sisters age and vwalla they became life long best friends. Andrew and I, well lets just say he became my fifth brother.

These photos were taken to surprise their Grandma, with a grandkid photo. They had one done ten+ years ago, and I think it was safe to say, it was time! What a lucky grandma to have such awesome grand and great grand kids!

 When the wind makes you a supper model, you want to marry the wind!

So cute! Mom and son!

 I love this kid! Do you remember the first time I took his photos, find them HERE

 And these were the two money shots! These are some great looking grand and great grand "kids"!

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