Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A fun night out with Angela!

This is Beautiful Angela, honestly I couldn't say one bad thing about her! 
She loves God, she loves people, and you will never see her be fake. 
Okay, no one is perfect. But she is pretty close!
We started our journey in Bremerton...Only because we collectively missed the ferry.

We were so mad at first that we missed the ferry, until we realized that sun was setting a little later than we thought, and the light on the ferry was PERFECTION!

I wanted to have fun with the opportunity to do something I don't normally do.

I'm pretty hilarious!

I'm seriously in love with the photo above!

 I introduced her and another friend (that I will introduce to you on a later date); to one of my favorite restaurants Pesos, on Queen Anne. Cause whats a fun photo shoot without awesome food and company! We ended our galavants at Pikes Place Market at nearly ten at night, everything was closed up and they were watering down the streets. It 
Was beautiful!

Makeup Credits = Sarah Rosario

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