Friday, February 22, 2013

You're worth it!

Before + After
= Still Beautiful! 

This is Angela she is GORGEOUS! 
There is something about getting your hair and makeup done that makes you feel sexy and confident. And when you feel like that it explodes from the inside, and out to the world. 

I hear it all the time! "Can you take ten pounds off me" or, "I don't want to have photos of our family till I loose ten pounds." Or this one "Actually, I don't need a family session.... Just my kids is fine."

It's no joke when I say, that the media and society around us makes us think we need to look a certain way. Most of us women all have some rendition of an "I Wish" board on pintrest exubing: outfits, cuts, colors, shoes, makeup and hairstyles we wish we could pull off. And I'm sure a few "if only's" are tied to that as well. 

I'm here to tell you, you are beautiful! You can pull off whatever you dream of pulling off, sometimes we just need a nudge in the right direction. I'm here to say, Go get that family shoot you have been wishing you looked "perfect" for. 

To feel confident as ladies we need to put some things into action. We need to trade those yoga pants, for some jeans. Trade those flip flops for some sparkly shoes and spice up our lives with some makeup, I know this sounds like I'm contradicting everything I just said. But when we start doing these things we will feel better about ourselves and we will want to go out into the world and conquer not only our fears but our doubts.

Why? Because you're worth it!

>Stay tuned, for my next post on how to prep for a shoot<

Makeup Artist: Sarah Rosario

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